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What? I've only one once out of the three times I've taken part and you're here for tips? Hee! Seriously though, the first thing you need to do is to ask yourself why you're doing this. If you're aiming to write the ultimate prize-winning novel then NaNo probably isn't for you. That's not to say what you write won't be brilliant or won't win prizes - it may. Chances are though, you'll look back on it in March and wonder if it's too late to disown it.

NaNoWriMo isn't about writing well; it's about writing every day. It's about writing to a deadline and schooling yourself into a writing routine. If you aim ultimately to write for a living then this is damn good training.

Don't approach your novel with a closed mind. Once you start writing, your characters might end up taking you places you never thought they'd go. Your sweeping historically accurate romance novel turning into an all-out SciFi battle between good and evil is just one of the ways NaNo can surprise you.

Forcing your story along set lines will only limit you and you'll get yourself stuck in a dead end. If you're stuck, switch POVs, kill off one of your characters, change genre, change clothes, make another cup of coffee and - in the words of a fellow NaNoer - 'if all else fails, have a penguin drive past in a Suburu'.

Good luck!  

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