madness calling

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Madness Calling is home to MaraJaded's NaNoWriMo insanity. I've been participating in the National Novel Writing Month challenge since 2005 and managed to win in 2006 with a fanfiction story called Paths Crossed.

Participating in the scheme is not something to be taken lightly, it is a big commitment no matter how simple you think it will be to write an average of 2,000 words a day. There will be days when you write three times that, and equally there will be times when you write a grand total of 32 words. The thing to remember is that it's meant to be fun, it's about quantity rather than quality in the initial stage, adjectives are good, contractions are bad and March is for editing.

Interested in signing up? Head on over to NaNoWriMo and feel free to add me as a writing buddy!

Any fanfiction characters found within these pages remain the property of their original owners, I make no claim of ownership over them. Original writing and characters, however, are the property of MaraJaded and should not be reproduced without express permission of the author.