madness calling

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So with one year's attempt (and failure) under my belt, I approached November 2006 with renewed vigour and a determination to at least finish the story this year - and if it hit that magic target of 50,000 then so much the better! I joined some LJ communities and picked up some hints and tips. I chose to focus on my strong point at the time, fanfiction, took my two favourite characters and threw them together to see what would happen.

I also bought a total of three white boards, a plethora of dry marker pens and a cork noticeboard on which I tacked up pictures of the characters and inspirational quotes. And I made myself a playlist of songs I thought would fit the characters and storylines.

In the end I hit the 50,000 words but still haven't finished the story...

Because of the nature of the story, I've chosen not to put the original draft up here, instead I'm revamping it and will host it on its own site here: Paths Crossed You can also find the playlist I created at that site.

Any fanfiction characters found within these pages remain the property of their original owners, I make no claim of ownership over them. Original writing and characters, however, are the property of MaraJaded and should not be reproduced without express permission of the author.